Reflections on the first week of the exhibition

We’ve now had the exhibition up for just over a week and the visitor stats are as follows:

Day One: 167

Day Two: 67

Day Three: 53

Day Four: 58

Day Five: 58

Day Six: 62

Day Seven: 140

Total: 547

I feel very pleased with the response we’ve had so far, both in terms of footfall and comments.

Visitors we’ve had included: the current owner of Tanner’s Wine Merchants (the Tanner’s First World War jacket features in my video), local artists, an ex-university lecturer living on a narrow boat, a man who tweets for local events, a number of art students and students of other subjects, and many local shoppers. I’ve also been visitors by a good number of friends. I’ve also been interviewed and videoed for the History Makers project.

Feedback has been really positive. I’ve had comments such as: ‘this is as strong as the First World War artwork in the Theatre Severn’ (I’m not sure that is true but nice to hear), ‘strong colours’, ‘I love the green’, ‘thought provoking’, ‘I like the limited pallet’, ‘I love the reflection on the corned beef’, ‘This is really strong, solid’.

A visitor comment

A visitor comment

It is lovely to hear such comments. Upon realising that I was the artist of the First World War pieces, one visitor came to shake my hand and he said: ‘I love it, you have got something real there, you will go far’. That comment was the highlight of the exhibition for me.

Another comment

Another comment

We have three more days until we have to take it down. I feel that that will be a sad day for me.

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