Three days to go…

The Bank Holiday weekend is behind me and now I really am counting down to the exhibition in very small numbers. I am concerned that I haven’t got enough to do. It feels strange not to be rushing around madly but perhaps that is a good sign. Perhaps that is a sign that I am more organised than I think. It just doesn’t feel right. It feels like that old cliche – the calm before the storm.

I think Thursday may be a manic day. I have a page-long list of ‘things to take’ for Thursday which includes things such as: white paint, small brush, poly-filler, wires, more wires, duct tape, spirit level, drill, screws and tape measure.

Setting-up day happens to fall on May 7th, which is also the day we go to the polls to chose the next government. As my sons’ school is being used as a polling station and therefore is unable to education children on that day, they are having to come with me to the exhibition space to ‘help’ me set up. I hope that they don’t get too bored.

May 7th will be a busy day for me as well as David, Nick, Ed and friends

May 7th will be a busy day for me as well as David, Nick, Ed and friends

I intend to bribe them with a highly-unhealthy meal from the building in Shrewsbury that is famous for being the oldest building in the world to house a McDonald’s (part of the building dates back to the 13th century).

The oldest building to house a McDonald's in the world

The oldest building to house a McDonald’s in the world

So I have two days to find all the aforementioned things: drill, spirit level, wires etc. I seem too confident that they will just appear tomorrow night. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh and I must also remember to take the artworks with me.

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